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Karen Brady

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It's a no brainer!

I have been using a CPAP machine for almost two years now and hate it. Or better yet I used to hate it until I found SoClean. If you do a little research on the internet or otherwise, you will discover the myriad applications for O3, or Ozone. You will find no other substance as effective for cleaning and disinfection as Ozone. That's a no brainer. Someone said that it has the tendency to burn the material masks are made of. I found this to be true only when you clean the mask while mounted on the head harness. Separate these two pieces and you will stop the burning of the rubber masks. It appears that in the contact points of the mask with the hardness, Ozone concentrates and persists creating "hot" spots on the mask. Again, the solution is to separate these two during the process and reunite afterwards.

Juan Alvarado

Greatest cleaner

My husband bought one and won't let me use his so I am ordering my own. I hate taking everything a part to clean
Thanks cathy

Cathy Turley

So great, I need a spare!

I work in food processing and our microbial lab has checked distilled water and found microbial count up to 30,000 cfu/ml. I find it comforting that ozone is used to control microbial cfu in water and it will sanitize the hose and mask. I have just placed an order for a spare SoClean device. I ordered the original unit and [now I] will have two identical. [...] I recently switched CPAP supplies vendor and have recommended your device to the Respiratory Therapist who set me up. You should get some additional business - she seemed genuinely interested and saw a
great benefit. Best wishes in the coming new year. A satisfied SoClean user.

Gene E.

Impressed with SoClean

My daughter is in the medical field and has continued to be concerned with sinus infections from my BIPAP machine. I am very impressed with my [SoClean] unit and have recommended it to others.

Steven P.

Excellent products


Soclean2 changed the c-pap experience for the better. best investment I have made. my health has improved. it is simple to use and I am not worried about infections

Ronald D Wolfe


This is the first testimonial I have written in my 52 years,but one I wanted to share with fellow cpap wearers,I have been using cpap for 6 years and every year I would since using cpap I would get upper respiratory infections,last year I was very sick over and over again for a total of 5 months,coughing.sneezing,feeling terrible and desperate for help, Doctors did not know why I was always getting these infections, so out of desperation I searched the internet and found this amazing and wonderful product
and ordered one, I have been using the Soclean machine for 8 months now and have not had a single infection,
This is a GREAT product ,try it and you will not be sorry !!!


I REALLY enjoy my SoClean

I just want to tell you and your company that I REALLY enjoy my SoClean. Before I bought it I was having serious health problems in the inside of my nose even though I was manually cleaning my CPAP. I developed these scars that were UN-TOUCHABLE and bleeding most of the time. After I started using SoClean....these scars magically went away. I was also having heavy headaches all the time....These are gone too. Thank you for taking care of business. I don't get tired of recommending the SoClean every time I encounter a CPAP user !!!!!!!

Jose Mendoza

Dear folks at Better Rest

Dear folks at Better Rest,

Just a note to let you know how much I LOVE YOUR MACHINE! I started with Cpap therapy on April 23, 2013. I was diligent about cleaning my equipment according to the recommendations of my machines manufacturer. A month after beginning use of my Cpap I became very ill with a respiratory infection. I thought this infection had something to do with the machine and perhaps I wasn't getting it clean enough. I began to do research on other alternatives to cleaning and came across the SoClean. I decided to give it a try and purchased one in June of 2013. It was easy to set up and I had no difficulty in setting it up myself with no assistance from my hubby. Usually I just leave such technical jobs up to him,but I was anxious to get to cleanin'! I love the fresh clean smell of my equipment now and like knowing its thoroughly cleaned. I am happy to report that as of this letter I have not had any reoccurance of any respiratory illness! YAY! I highly recommend your product to everyone on Cpap therapy. I have discussed this product with my pulmonologist, cardiologist, Internest and anyone I run into who uses a Cpap. The first thing they want to know is how much it cost. I have to say I have saved more money in copayments and antibiotics than I paid for this machine! I give them the Internet site and have them see for themselves how this thing works. Thank you thank you thank you for inventing such a useful, lifesaving product!

Debbie Gober

Debbie Gober

I love my SoClean.

Hi, I have been using my cpap therapy for about 6 months. As a respiratory therapist, I know the importance of clean equipment. So, just after I received my cpap, I realized how much cleaning I had to do to on a constistant basis just to feel safe using the cpap. I started to do some research on a better way of cleaning the cpap and it lead me to the better rest solutions web page. At first I was a bit conserned if it really did what it says it does. But after a couple of days of thinking about it and talking it over with my wife, I decided to purchase the SoClean unit. I have to say, I am so glad I did. Now, I clean my curcuit when its convenient to me. I don't have to worrie about when it's been cleaned last because it gets sanitized every day! I believe the SoClean unit is the best thing to happen to cpap since the heated circuit. If you have a cpap, you absolutly need the SoClean sanitizing unit! You will not regret it!

Keith Erik Collier

Dear So Clean,

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your product. My mom stopped using her CPAP because she didn’t have the energy to clean it every day. I thought we couldn’t be the only people facing this challenge.

My internet search yielded So Clean. The testimonials were impressive but so was the fact that so many people commented on your excellent customer service support. My experience was the same when I called to ask specific questions about my Mom’s CPAP. So I ordered the So Clean II.

So seldom is a product as advertised these days but the So Clean is absolutely fantastic. It only took a few minutes to set it up and it works beautifully. The engineering is impressive – whoever designed it thought carefully about making it easy to use every day. My mom is using her CPAP every days and feeling more energetic as a result.

Thank you again.

Vicki K

Vicki Knaup

I splurged the extra $$ and got the SoClean

I know myself, and with my busy life and my construction (early morning) schedule, I knew right away that I would never be able to keep this machine clean enough to suit me. I'm prone to respiratory infections, and I didn't want to take chances.

This could not be easier. I'd only had my CPAP for a couple of weeks before I said, "I have to use this thing for life - I don't want to spend half of it cleaning this machine." So I splurged the extra $$ and got the SoClean. It was easy to trim the hose to the proper length for my Phillips Respironics System One, and it's easy to feed it down there each time I add water to the tank. I drop the whole mask, headgear and all into it in the morning and lock it. The machine goes off at 10am (it was pre-programmed - thanks SoClean!) and I take the mask out and air it til bedtime after I get home. Squeaky clean, every single day!

The only thing I'm worried about is the same thing another user mentioned - the clasp feels ... not very heavy duty, let's say. I worry that it will break. But despite that, I love this contraption, and it takes the maintenance for my Magic Sleep Machine (I love my CPAP - I feel SO much better after just a month) down to a minute per day. I do wipe the mask with a CPAP wipe every day, because my skin oil is gross. But from a whole dismantle and re-assemble to drop it in the tank and go - man, I can handle using a wipe once a day. I do it in all that spare time I have because I don't have to clean my CPAP machine. :)

Gail L. Burt (Los Angeles)

CPAP for almost four years

I have been using a CPAP for almost four years. It wasn't until I developed a yearlong cough that my doctor inquired about my cleaning methods for my CPAP. Long story short, this product was recommended. The set up is easy and operating it is simple. I have used it a week and so far, my husband and I have noticed a big difference in my sleeping. I sleep and rest for real now! The cough is very slowly dissipating also.Take the manufacturer's suggestion and start out with a new hose and nasal cushion. Remove the head gear from your face mask before placing it in the sanitizer.

Faustina (Burgaw, NC, United States

I have told all my Doctors

I want to again Thank You for the SoClean  CPAP Sanitizing Unit I Won on a Facebook contest you ran. I am so AMAZED at the ease of the product. Takes no time to set up. What a world of difference this has made in cleaning my mask.  It is so great each night I put on my mask. It’s like having a new mask daily. I am so glad to have mine, I tell everyone I know who is on CPAP therapy about my Sanitizing Unit . Also, I have told all my Doctors. Thanks So Much

Lincoln Christensen Ogden, UT

My CPAP machine is safe to use!!

After about 4 yrs using my cpap machine which I hate, I feel after using your clean machine that my cpap machine is safe to use!! Now I don't hate it anymore. Thanks so much for your machine!!

David Gentry, St Paul

The SoClean does the rest

Regular cleaning is a real pain and honestly I knew I wasn't keeping my CPAP as clean as I should. Using the SoClean machine has made my life easier. It's so easy, just place my mask into the unit and that's it! The SoClean does the rest.

Ty Brady

Chore to clean my CPAP

Before using SoClean it was such a chore to clean my CPAP that I would always put it off. Now I have a clean CPAP everyday without thinking about it.

Peter St. Laurent

I love the machine.

I love the machine. It works great and I love the fact that every night I put on a mask that smells fresh and new. My lung condition has completely dissipated and I’m now sleeping much better.

Chris Bishop

Being a busy mom

Being a busy mom the last thing I have time for is cleaning my mask and reservoir. The SoClean has made my life so much easier. I just drop it in the box in the morning and it’s ready for me when I go to sleep at night. Before getting the SoClean I would clean my ResMed Nasal Pillows and tube every day but I was still getting constant infections in my nose. It was painful and unsightly. As soon as I started using the SoClean they went away immediately! I couldn’t believe it! I wouldn’t go a day without it. I not only get to use this wonderful machine but I also get to work for this amazing company, Better Rest Solutions, that is helping so many people with their CPAP cleaning needs. It’s great!

Christine Dadah

Happy with my SoClean Sanitizer

I am very happy with my SoClean Sanitizer. I use it every day. It’s very easy to use, and it makes my mask and hose smell like new. I had a couple questions before I bought it, they answered all my questions with email, and even called me to make sure I had no more questions. I would buy from them again.

Larry, CPAP Newbie

Keep my Mask Sanitized

I've always had a problem keeping my mask clean, especially the creases and crevices. Now it's so easy to keep my mask sanitized.

Stefany Schmidt

I bought this for my son

I bought this for my son and it has been such a big help. Before he got the SoClean the daily chore of cleaning the CPAP equipment was a real pain. He had the cpap for 1 month, got a cold and then got pneumonia. (This was his first time ever, to get pneumonia) The Doctor said he could of gotten it from wearing the cpap if there was bacteria in the water or the mask and hoses (and he used distilled water) from the humidifier his cpap could of pushed the bacteria down to the lungs. This was a real concern and wanting to keep the cpap really sanitized, I started to look up on line on how to keep the cpap even cleaner and found SoClean. Wow, it even sanitizes the water. My son puts the mask and headgear in the sanitizer everyday. It just makes sense to have something to kill any bacteria when wearing the cpap that pushes air down your airways. Thank you Better Rest Solutions for bringing such a great product to the Cpap wearers.

Nancy Bartle

Use a CPAP, get this machine

I was getting sick every 2-3 months and was ill at the time of my entry into the contest.

Since getting the machine and using it daily since it's arrival, I've only gotten sick twice. That is a 50% reduction in illness. This machine was quick and easy to set up and very easy to use day to day. I had one issue where I accidentally bumped the timer and turned it on too long. I thought the machine might have been malfunctioning, so I called Customer Support. They called me several days later to trouble shoot the problem. They were helpful and friendly. I would recommend that any one that uses a CPAP get this machine.

Stephanie Thomas

Its a life saver!

Thanks for inventing this machine! Its a life saver!

Customer sent via Email


This product works really well and is well-made. I can highly recommend it. Once you have it set up, it's incredibly easy to use. My only complaint is that set up was complicated by the fact that the documentation that came with the unit does not completely explain all the different things you might encounter on the display during set up. Hopefully they'll improve that.

H. John Gutierrez from Mississippi

Review of SoClean

I've been using the SoClean sanitizer for a month. This is a quick, no-nonsense way to keep your mask, hose, and humidifier tank sanitized. You don't have to handle dangerous chemicals. I no longer have an excuse not to clean my CPAP equipment. As a bonus, Better Rest Solutions has fantastic customer service!

Francis Pallo from Florida

It does what it is advertised to do.

I like it - I've been using the SoClean for a few months now, and like it. My CPAP tube used to smell musty or even dirty after a few night's use. But now it smells fresh every night. It came with the clock set to my timezone and a recommended time of use set (10 am, I think). So I didn't even have to program it! Very nice. It is super easy to use. I just toss my face mask in each morning, and take it out at night. I definitely recommend this product. It does what it is advertised to do.

Gary Corwin from Portland OR

No more hassle to clean the CPAP!

I wasn't sure about this machine, but despised cleaning the CPAP - such a pain. Heard about this and thought I'd try it. It works great. I didn't have any problems setting it up. I let it run about 5 minutes before using the mask to let the 'clean' smell dissipate, but after that it's fine. I still think it's a bit pricey, and was a little surprised how heavy it is, but have to say it's working great, and I love not having to worry with manually cleaning the tubes, humidifier, etc!

Rebecca Abraham from Dothan, AL


I am completely satisfied with my SoClean Sanitizer. It performs as advertised and couldn't be easier to use. I particularly like the fact that it cleans the hose and reservoir as well as the mask.

Richard B. Gibson from New Jersey

Unit is amazing.

Unit is amazing. Had a cold I couldn't kick despite regularly washing mask in antibacterial dish soap. Two days after using So Clean cold gone and has not returned. Also pleased unit came fully programmed & ready to use. So easy-drop in in the morning-take it out at night.

Barry Reiss from Greenlawn NY

Exactly what I needed

To be candid, I had doubts when I bought this device and took a chance and tried it. It sounded too good to be true that the cleaning of my equipment could be so easy and automatic. I've used it for 2 months now and fully recommend it. No joke- Better Rest Solutions has the best customer service I've seen in years. I had questions before ordering, they answered quickly and kept track of the concerns I had before ordering, then checked in on me afterwards to make sure everything was resolved.

Thomas Zito from San Diego, California

Best thing since "sliced bread"

SoClean Unit best thing since "sliced bread". No problems setting it up - great time saver. Exceeded all expectations.


You will not be sorry!

Awesome Product and Awesome Customer Service - I bought this unit after developing a sinus problem that I attribute to not cleaning my CPAP adequately. I am a single male and cleaning a CPAP machine is not my favorite pastime!!! It is the best money I have spent in a long time. Their customer service is truly amazing. If you are thinking about purchasing this unit my advice would be BUY IT!! You will not be sorry!

Dennis Svalstad from Newport News, VA

I really love, love, love having this machine.

I really love, love, love having this machine. I showed it to my medical supply company rep. and he loved it and ask about getting one. Can I get a commission here?

Karen Hilliard from Monroeville, PA

I got this for my husband

I got this for my husband because he seldom cleaned his machine - it was such a bother for him- but he was getting colds and bronchitis much too often. He has had it now for almost a month and has been healthy. He loves the clean fresh smell that it has and the relief that it is now sanitized DAILY.

Sharon Rowe from Windsor Locks, CT

I am so happy I got the SoClean Sanitizing unit

I am so happy I got the SoClean Sanitizing unit. It is so much more convenient than washing all the CPAP parts daily or weekly. I love the fresh smell and I rest assured that my equipment is sanitary. I have found that the Better Rest customer support is very friendly and helpful, answering all my questions and concerns.

Carol Hickler from Sarasota

I have been using CPAP since 1999

I have been using CPAP since 1999. I have cleaned a lot of masks since then. I have two CPAP machines due to my job. No need to clean my mask and hose and always a refreshing scent. I have a machine without a humidifier and it works great on it. right now I am using it on my Resmed S8 elite. I just purchased a Resmed S9 and I will buy one for this machine. Their staff is extremely helpful and preset machine at their factory. Thanks for my new freedom and I know it is germ free.

Lawrence Camposano from Taylors, South Carolina

American entrepreneurship at its best

The machine has been great. It's been a great convenience. Really practical. Excellent website that was really helpful in choosing to buy. This product is a wonderful example of American entrepreneurship at its best.

Richard Kehoe from Chicago, IL

I have had the machine for about a month.

I have had the machine for about a month. I am breathing better, my sinuses are clear. I love this machine!! It is such a comfort to know your mask has been sanitized before each use. This company also has excellent customer service. I had a problem with my first machine, they sent be a new one BEFORE I had even sent back the old one!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MACHINE & THIS COMPANY!!!

Amazon Buyer Feedback

Absolutely love it!

Absolutely love it! I haven't had a clean mask like this except for the first use when I get new parts! A total must for anyone with a cpap! So simple put it in the box and set the timer close the box walk away and it's ready to go at bedtime!!!!

Amazon Buyer Feedback

The item was as described and arrived promptly.

The item was as described and arrived promptly. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, which is clean the mask, headgear, hose and water reservoir. It leaves a wonderful fresh scent and it is great to be able to easily clean everything daily. Would highly recommend this product to any CPAP user.

Amazon Buyer Feedback

Awesome customer service!!

Awesome customer service!! Just the kind of thing that keeps a customer coming back to do more business!

Amazon Buyer Feedback

Unique product that does the job!

Using a CPAP can be a two-edged sword. I love mine, but cleaning it is a pain. When I first read about the SoClean sanitizer, I was intrigued by the concept, so I bought one. I've had it for about six weeks as of this writing.

Ozone sanitizing is not new. You can find ozone generators in spas, pools, and water treatment plants around the world because it is a proven technology. Putting ozone to work in this application was a stroke of genius.

CPAP circuits are notorious breeding grounds for microbes, and blowing germs deep into your lungs can make you dead, or at least wishing you were. I have had 4 or 5 bouts of bronchitis since I started on CPAP ten years ago, and I have dislocated and fractured ribs by violent coughing; now I suspect (but cannot prove) that my CPAP was the culprit. Since I bought the unit, I have not had any respiratory issues, although I wasn't ill when I bought it.

Back to the review. The SoClean is a well-built device. The construction is quite solid and the finish is a durable black matte coating that keeps it from becoming an eyesore. There is a safety device built into the side that prevents operation unless the headgear is in the machine ( the hose actuates a pressure switch), so it will not blow a stream of ozone into your bedroom if you forget to prepare it in the morning. The timer is preset so you don't have to mess with it, but if you do, the included instructions will help you set it to your preference.

The S9 Heated Hose Adapter was tricky to install. When it is new, it is tight and hard to rotate into position. It is held in place by a tiny loop of plastic that goes around the ozone hose fitting, but mine broke because I used my thumb and pushed too hard. The functionality of the adapter was not impaired, though. The loop could be eliminated altogether without a problem. It just gets in the way.

When the machine is actually running, you may get a whiff of ozone, but it isn't obnoxious. The pump runs for about five minutes, and any ozone left in the chamber and CPAP circuit is slowly dissipated over time through a carbon sponge filter that eliminates any odor. The headgear, hose, and humidifier chamber are left germ-free and safe. Running the CPAP for about 20 seconds before you go to bed vents out the stale air so that you don't get a blast of it in the nose.

What it won't do: It doesn't get out the soap and water and scrub your unit! Unless you are sleeping in a Class 10,000 cleanroom, you still need to clean the humidifier chamber occasionally to get the mud out of the bottom. Dust gets through the CPAP filter and settles inside; the SoClean makes sure that it is germ-free dust, but it is still there, and it looks bad.

I have found that removing the mask seal and hand-washing it and then leaving it in the chamber keeps it from getting cloudy with facial oil. My first seal became coated with a film that was hard to remove; I had been placing it in the chamber without washing it first, and I think that the ozone altered the facial oils and created the film. The silicone of the mask was not deteriorated, but the mask slid around on my face and leaked. The second, washed seal is in much better shape.

I have read a few negative comments about the effects on the headgear straps, but I have not had any problems with mine. It is still elastic and has not stretched out at all.

The unit came packaged in a very sturdy box with rigid foam inserts to secure it. There was nary a mark on the unit due to shipping, which, by the way, was very fast.

I am quite pleased with my purchase, and I heartily recommend the SoClean Machine Sanitizer. It is simple and effective, an elegant solution to a difficult problem.

Amazon Buyer

Yes it is SO Clean for a reason!

This is one awesome cpap cleaning machine. I have the S9 version and it was tricky to figure out the setup. Once you trim the small hose going into the humidifier because it won't all fit, get the hose sleeve on, and figure out how to put the S9 adapter on it gets easier. I suggest letting your cpap run a bit after cleaning. O3 leftovers are smelly but I woke up this morning feeling more rested than I have in sometime on a short 3 hours on the machine and everything felt and smelled brand new when I woke up this morning! Just a great product.

Brett Husebye "BRAT!" (Michigan)

It'll even Sanitize your socks!

I really like the SoClean CPAP Sanitizer. From the research I did, activated oxygen is a good sanitizer. I can't prove my equipment is clean, but it sure seems like it. Once I got used to the smell of the mask after the cleaning, I feel much better about the cleanliness and healthfulness of my CPAP.

Ron (Dubuque, IA United States)

SoClean is SoGood

I have only use the machine for 2 days. I find the rubber tube into the water reservoir to give me a little trouble getting the reservoir in and out to fill. As for the smell it isn't an unpleasant smell and it goes away soon after starting your Cpap machine. I hope it works well, I do not like manually cleaning my gear every day.

J. McCarthy (Oshkosh, WI United States)

5 stars is not enough!

Having dealt with cleaning a CPAP by hand for several years, I love this machine! Cleaning by hand was a nightmare, and the hose never seemed to dry. I would put off cleaning it and end up not using the CPAP for several nights because I didn't want to use it dirty. (too many sinus infections!)

The set up was a little tricky using the instructions, but I did get it figured out without watching the video online. The video probably would have helped. The hard part was figuring out which part of the hose or mask goes in the slot on the side. I finally realized that it's the regular hose, not the connector, that goes in the slot. The other difficulty is getting the black felt to fit all the way in the slot so that it doesn't wedge the lid open. I still can't get the lid to close completely, but it doesn't seem to affect the machine's performance. I also find that the mask needs to be wiped off by hand sometimes. oily skin :(
Despite the few drawbacks, this machine has been a lifesaver. Because the CPAP is always clean, I use it every night instead of sporadically, like I did before.

Hopefully insurance companies will start covering the SoClean machine, because it increases the likelihood that people will stick to the CPAP therapy.

Thank you, SoClean!!

Amazon Buyer - cf

SoClean CPAP Machine Sanitizer

I wish I had the SoClean Sanitizer years ago. It is nice to not have to wash the mask every morning and to know that the tubing mask and headgear are not harboring germs. It is so easy to use and there customer service is second to none. I called them several times before I purchased, and they were more than happy to help me each time. If you are using a machine with a heated tube check with customer service. There is an adapter now available for the ResMed machine and there is one in development for the Respironics machine. I have the Respironics machine with the heated tube and am now just using a regular tube until the adapter is available. I would rather use the machine than have a heated tube.

There are several videos available on line to help you set up your machine if you need them. One thing I noticed though is that the timer can be set for individual days, which was not covered in the videos. This is great if you have a non regular schedule.
The machine may seem expensive but it is well worth every penny.

TNMTNMN "Happy Grandpa" (Sevierville, TN)

2 week CPAP user and bought this right after one hand-washing!

I washed my CPAP mask and hose one time and said forget this! It didn't completely dry and felt yucky after using it that night. I ordered the SoClean sanitizer after I started feeling congested and an oncoming earache. I don't have those sickly symptoms or the paranoia of getting sick anymore. I love love this machine.


SoClean Best Clean

My CPAP supplier once told me that you could actually go two or three days without tearing down your system and washing it. You either have to wash it in a kitchen or a bathroom which to my thinking doesn't seem ideal. Then there is the water dripping off the tubing and no means of actually scrubbing the inside of the tubing unless you buy a special brush and that is messy. I do have a special dryer for doing the hose and the nasal mask after washing.

After setting up the machine I decided to go with cleaning late in the afternoon rather than morning. The unit was set for seven minutes cleaning time which I used at first. Wow! I couldn't believe the difference - I was sleeping longer than before and could breathe a lot better. However, I did decide to expand the cleaning time to ten minutes. Now I just need to remember to put it in the box each morning to clean. Adding water to the tank is also a good idea and every three days I have been rinsing the tank with the water in it and dumping it out and adding fresh water.

Kenneth Heitzenrater

Exactly what I needed

To be perfectly candid, I had doubts when I bought this device and decided to just take a chance and try it. It sounded too good to be true that the cleaning of my equipment could be so easy and automatic. I've now been using this machine for 2 months and fully recommend it.


  1. It does exactly what it says it does and it works effectively.
  2. Easy to set up. Instructions and videos explain how to do everything.
  3. Timer and clock arrived pre-programmed for my time zone. I simply plugged it in. (thank you to whomever does the pre-programming)
  4. Before using this machine, I had a nagging cough and often got bronchitis. All of that cleared up after I started using the SoClean. Cause or coincidence, I'm not sure but I believe it has at least helped.
  5. The device is made of high quality materials and the design is well thought out.
  6. The company, Better Rest Solutions, is excellent to work with. No joke- this is probably the best customer service I've experienced in years. I had questions before ordering, they answered and followed up. They communicate with purpose and kept track of the concerns I had before ordering and then checked in on me afterwards to make sure everything was resolved. I *really* like this company.


  1. Minor: The machine is a little heavier than it looks. It is the size of a big shoe box or a tool box, but there is no handle or way to grip it easily when moving it to clean and dust around it.
  2. Some people may not like the "clean" scent it leaves. To me, the scent lets me know my mask is clean and I usually take the mask out of the box a few hours before going to bed to let it dissipate somewhat.

Overall, the SoClean by Better Rest Solutions has far exceeded all of my expectations. I did considerable research before buying and hesitated initially because of some negative comments I saw doubting the effectiveness of ozone. Then I realized the people saying that had not tried the machine and were comparing it to room air purifiers. This device is not claiming to clean a room or your house- just your CPAP equipment, and that it does very nicely.

Tom Z (San Diego)

6+ year Cpap!!

I recently purchased this SoClean Cpap Machine Sanitizer. I must say I am completely satisfied with this system. My mask, hose and humidifier have never been cleaner. It smells so fresh every night when I go to bed, such a relief. I am a long time CPap user now for over 16 years. I have seen CPap machines evolve over the years and I have worn out many machines until I recently got this nice Cpap I have now, complete with humidifier.

I have had to fight bouts bronchitis for years and I have always suspected my CPap contributed to this. Recently I had pneumonia so bad I ended up in the hospital. I spent a miserable 4 days in the hospital and it scared the heck out of me. I was in a bad way.

When I got home from the hospital I started looking over the internet and found this cleaning machine here on Amazon.

I must say this is the best $200 I have ever spent.I'm hopeful my days of pneumonia and bronchitis are over forever!

Even if you enjoy cleaning your cpap, hose and mask daily, which I highly doubt, I'm sure it will never get as clean as this machine will get it. If you're a man like myself, cleaning your CPap every day is probably not at the top of your "to do" list daily.

If you are a CPap user this unit is a MUST purchase!!

Thank you Better Rest Solutions and Amazon!!!


SoClean CPAP machine

I bought and have been using it for a month now. It does a great job. I recommend it to everyone.

Frantz Charlot "Tharlock le brave"

Forget The Cleaning Ritual

This is a much needed product for CPAP users. I love the fact that it has taken away the whole process of dissembling and assembling mask and hose parts for cleaning. I only withdrew 1 star because the machine does not seem to have a setting for cleaning at will rather than on a prescribed timer set schedule. That having been said, I am not big on reading manuals thoroughly , so its quite possible that I missed the pertinent section on this.

Amazon Buyer - Malabarman "MM"


I love this machine!! It is such a comfort to know that your mask, tubing, and reservoir have been sanitized prior to each use. I have had the machine for about a month. My sinuses have never been clearer!! I feel like I am breathing better too. The machine is very easy to set up and use. The piece of mind it gives you is great!! It is worth every penny!!

I did have a problem with the first unit. I had also thrown away the original packaging from the first unit. SoClean sent me another unit with a return label to send back the first unit. They sent me a new unit before I had sent back the old one!! WOW!! That is what I call customer service!!

Again, I love the machine & the company. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!

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